Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Autumn is upon us and there is plenty to do. Apples and pears produced a small crop with grapevines in need of pruning. I found a large weta tucked up under the pergola yesterday. Hopefully, he won't come inside when it cools down.

Golden delicious and Royal Gala apples are ripe with just a few on the young trees. I toned it down a bit when putting in this season's tomatoes with considerably less than previous years.

We seem to be on top of the Green Shield Beetle problem for now. Regularly removing by hand before disposing of them is the only way it seems.

Once all the leaves are off the nectarine I will spray the tree thoroughly with Liquid Copper to control the curly leaf. Another couple of sprays later in the year before and after blossom should ensure a reliable crop. Spraying times are essential.  Last year there was only one nectarine left on the tree with lots of small shrivelled fruit and dead leaves falling to the ground.

After yesterday's heavy downpour Kit was pleased to be inside. He is more settled now sleeping away most days before roaming around outside at night. Needless to say, landing home with a few battle scars is not unexpected.

The decorators are busily painting throughout. New carpet, recovered chairs and drycleaned drapes and blinds will bring the place up to scratch. What an uplift this will be!


  1. Nothing is as good as having home grown fruits, remember the time when we used to have mango & Gauve tree at home. Both the fruits tasted really good thank you for refreshing old memories

  2. Totally agree! How great having a mango growing... are you in Australia? No such luck over here. Probaby not warm enough. Guavas were the size of marbles and very sour. Everything else thrives here and it's marvellous having fruit all year round.