Sunday, January 1, 2017


Just taking it easy today. Kit has had a bad time lately after two or three fights with a cat that always gets the better of him. A large white cat is hanging around at the moment and we are wondering if he may be bullying him. Needless to say,  keeping Kit inside at night is not to his liking, but preferable to the nasty wound he came home with last time. 

As for sprawling comfortably up on the table...  Hopefully, he won't get too used to the idea. Of course he is being really fussed over by Craig with a variety of treats landing in front of him. In fact, so much so, some of those treats lie in wait.....

Our summer jumps from hot to cool at a moment's notice and we are not the only ones noticing it. The strawberries, in particular, are not doing well with other berries lagging also. The fruit trees got off to a bad start with poor pollination, probably due to so much rain and a shorter period of time. Bumble bees work on, but there were not enough of them. Other pollinating insects kept under cover somewhere and by the time the days were clearing up, it was too late.

On the positive side, I guess the rested trees and vines will be at their peak next season. Well, here we are into another year. Wishing everyone the very best for a happy and prosperous 2017.


  1. Happy New year Yvonne would love to talk again miss ya heaps Richard Ellis