Sunday, September 25, 2016


After so much rain spring has finally arrived bringing many birds into the garden and colorful blossoms abound. We are still lighting the fire at night, mainly due to my love of comfort and, before long, opening the door to cool down.

This blackbird is a regular visitor and waits patiently for the leftovers. He's not the only one of course and soon shares the bounty with a variety of birds. Sparrows in particular fight among themselves and give the starlings time to clean up.

It is good to see Monarch butterflies making the most of the nectar from the nectarine and just fluttering about in general. Their quick movements have kept them safe as they steer clear of Kit.

He is on the go all day heading off all around the place visiting. Masses of energy and plenty to do. He doesn't even settle down to sleep throughout the night and has Craig backwards and forwards letting him back in.

Does Craig mind?....... Not one bit. He just makes a great fuss of his cat.

How does Kit feel about all this? ........... I think he would rather tear up and down a few trees...

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