Friday, August 12, 2016


It's that time of the year once again to clear out a lot of surplus growth.  Arbor Care arborists Daniel and David working well and doing a great job.

This Yellow Sunburst Gleditsia shades the garden thoughout summer with many birds fluttering about among the leaves.

Our Agonis has stood its ground here for several years and a much needed trim back and reshaping has not come too soon. Next year's citrus will benefit with more sun as will the roses nearby.

It is good to see new buds on the fruit trees. The nectarine should produce its first crop this season. Pears, apples and plums should have bumper crops.

Last year, the grapes did not do well at all for some reason and as for the pumpkins... they were a
complete disappointment. Probably due to the wet season.

Our firewood is on its last legs after a pretty cold snap. Hopefully, it will see us through and with spring around the corner and warmer days ahead we should be alright.

What do they say about things coming in threes? Well, the oven packed up and left us with an uncooked lasagne. Our new oven and cooktop arrive on Monday. The good news is that it is a pyrolitic model which should take care of the cleaning and we are replacing the gas cooktop with a ceramic one. No more blackened pots!

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