Friday, March 18, 2016


So much for weed spraying today. The oxalis will have to wait and staying inside probably makes more sense.

Yesterday was busy with a couple of bus trips to town for a wireless mouse, down to the supermarket and a visit to the Vet Clinic for flea treatment for the cat before the usual rounds of... 'Catch me if you can.' Kit goes to lengths to dodge this indignity and hiding behind the frig was the latest. Craig heard his unhappy wails as we walked in the door and soon retrieved him. Needless to say, a short reprieve was needed and agreed upon.

I can hear the vacuum cleaner flying around downstairs and take it as my cue to ready myself for the spray mop, being my part of the bargain. Oh, blow it! It's not even 10 am yet.

Our Ultra Fast connection is not too far away with holes dug and underground cable shunted through. Some of the brick paving was taken up to make way and the men did a great job. Everything put back as it was and a roll left in readiness for the final connection in about three weeks. I quickly flung a batch of scones into the oven for their morning tea break before setting off for a mid morning appointment.

Yup......... Just remember what we agreed on!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Making the most of another beautiful day pottering about outside. I moved this Begonia outside where it continues to flower happily, sheltered with just enough sun and out of the wind. It was a gift from Margaret and Russell when they called in to see us a few weeks ago on their way to spend a couple of days with family in Whakatane. Time had got by and it had been a good while since we last caught up. It was so lovely to see them.

Time for lunch before picking more ripening tomatoes. There's little freezer space left to cram more in so I will take out a bag of plums and make more jam.

A few jars at a time and with citrus coming on, marmalade to follow. It is good to have a regular supply of home grown fruit and vegetables which even the smallest section will produce.

Our first year apples are ready for picking now. Sweet navel orange to the left and pumpkins wandering about merrily. Shooting up trees and over fences, their presence is felt everywhere.

Well, the new passion fruit is taking its time clambering up. Needless to say, we are not expecting anything this time. Funnily enough, since buying the plant, I have come across lots of little seedlings springing up all over the place. I'm sure they will find new homes somewhere.... but not here....

A Crown pumpkin snakes its way along without so much as a by-your-leave. Both Crown and Buttercups are travelling at speed in some sort of crazy race to prove a point....  Are they really this competitive?

Ripening grapes are a sight to behold. This black grape is about a month away I think. Other years, we have been picking the green variety by now. For some reason, it's slow this year.

Looking out across the estuary is luring me away from the computer, but there are things to be getting on with, so I will stay put.... for now.

So much for another blissful day in Tauranga. What more could anyone wish for..........