Sunday, June 21, 2015


Hope you're having a great day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Leaving the lettuce plants to go to seed ensures an ongoing supply of seedlings which continue to come up throughout the year. Ours do well growing in tubs under cover and by the back door where they are sheltered and warm.

Easy enough to divide them up and soon enough the thriving little plants will be ready. As much as I like the crunch of Iceberg I prefer to pick a few leaves here and there when needed.

Looking at the Burbank it's obvious were are in for a good crop of plums this season as the tree is well covered in fruiting spurs. I still have several bags of frozen fuit from last year and when making jam prefer to make a couple of jars only at a time.

It has only been months since planting this flowering gum and it's well and truly on the move upwards. We are looking forward to seeing Tuis and other nectar feeders scrambling about once it starts flowering not to mention the shade it will provide in the hot summer months ahead.

The last of the grapes provided a veritable feast for many waxeyes as the cooler weather set in. We held off pruning until the onslaught of sparrows joined them in pecking from one bunch to another..

Still a while before the tangelos ripen along with the other citrus planted nearby. As always, the navel oranges drag the branches to the ground under the weight of the fruit. Not quite so many this year which I think is probably quite normal .

We get through so many lemons it was necessary to put in another tree. My favourite is Meyer because of the soft skin. We have fresh lemon drinks daily using four lemons at a time and sweetening with Sugromax before filling the large jug with water. So refreshing and provides the Vitamin C needed. We have not had colds or flu for several years now and put it down to this..

With so much lavender and other flowers to attract bees and other beneficial insects, growing plants in mulch ensures a lush environment. Adding dried clippings, straw and so on, works a treat. I usually toss all those tall grasses that come up over winter across the cobblestones to dry first. As recommended, it is a great way to keep the plants moist and save water at the same time.

Happy gardening everyone...