Wednesday, May 20, 2015


A couple of posts ago I said I would re-post this once I had figured out what went wrong with the last one which looked more like a thumbnail. Still a bit confused. Maybe someone has the answer and if you can throw some light on it... please do.

Experimenting with photography is lots of fun and I've got a long way to go. Hope to get some helpful tips.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Crumbed chicken pieces garnished with fried onion, roast vegetables and greens is a quick and easy meal to throw together. So many different flavours can be added to the coating making it a fun dish in which to experiment. I find cramming the vegetables and chicken pieces into a small shallow dish avoids drying out. Succulent chicken and crispy brown vegetables... Yum..........

Craig and I are on a race at the moment to see who can lose the most weight. After today's fare we have decided on poached eggs for dinner tomorrow which Craig has down to a fine art. Producing a perfect result every time... most likely down to his methodical ways. He is so unlike me.

Popping a fruit cake into the hot oven rather than letting it cool down empty seemed like a good idea. It will improve in flavour and moisten up in a few days. 

Well... I'm not too sure about how happy I will be tomorrow morning after jumping on the scales... Craig on the other hand, will be fine. He doesn't like sultanas. :-)

Kit seems happy enough to be inside sprawled out in front of the fire. He spent a good part of the day chasing around after leaves. So much energy and he is on the go all day... tearing up and down trees and visiting the neighbourhood.

This is my latest toy...  Boy, it's hard to put it down! Each day I discover more things I can do with it and the possibilities seem endless. Videos and photographs produce a clear and professional result and I can puzzle to my heart's content and while away the days playing scrabble and the like. To begin with I thought it may be a bit beyond me, but in a short time I have pretty much mastered a good few of the things I wanted to do... Only a drop in the bucket I know to those of you way ahead of me.

Time slips by so quickly and making the most of homely living brings much happiness and contentment..............

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Time to make the most of the cooler climate, put a match to the fire and rummage through the cupboards and drawers for materials, cottons, buttons and other bits and pieces to create a new project.

I always fancied the idea of crochet and finally bought this pattern and got to work. It looks intricate, but not as complicated as it seems... due to the repetitive pattern. Previously, I did my own thing and simply made jug covers in order to get used to handling the hook and cotton.

Not one to do things by halves I decided to make this cloth for my sizeable rectangular table which took a few months to complete. I draped it over this round table as it was easiser to photogragh.

This is one of the earlier jug covers prior to using patterns and was quick and easy to make. I felt inspired to crochet several more... an exercise in itself.

Another earlier attempt resulted in this small cloth, but have not found a place suitable for it yet. Hmm... back to the cupboard for another year or two I guess.

My first attempt at cross stitch was attached to the bottom of a small towel and included a few embellishments. I prefer to sew tapestries to avoid all the counting necessary in cross stitch.

Several small embroidery pieces similar to this have come in handy to adorn cushion covers. Quick and easy to make giving a homely touch and I love the subtle shades of morning glory.

Always a sucker for pansies and all old fashioned flowers. Hmm... delphiniums are a favourite also, especially in the garden.

A couple more pieces for the kitchen when I figure out what to do with them. Meanhile, back to the cupboard....

This photo is much smaller than the tapestry itself for some reason... will post a better one when I figure out what went wrong.....

However, it took a good while to work, but was well worth the effort. Winter is certainly a great time to enjoy the comfort of home and let the creative juices flow as I know so many of you do.

Happy stitching...