Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Stranger in the garden...

Yesterday Craig dashed in to say there was a Mynah bird up on the pergola and it appeared to be talking so I followed him out to see what it was all about. Soon enough, the bird set forth in a deep voice repeating several times, "Go check the mail!" He was bowing his head as he did so and it was really amusing. I quickly tore upstairs to get the camera, but of course the batteries needed recharging and by the time I got around to taping this video he wasn't so forthcoming.

Well, a wolf whistle will have to do for now, but in the meantime he makes a beeline for me every time I go outside, landing on my head or shoulder and giving me a peck or two for good measure. I have learned not to put my hand up to move him off and just prefer to carry a small stick to coax him away instead.

Anyway, it looks as though he has decided to stay for a while so I guess our menagerie continues to grow, but we would not have it any other way.