Sunday, June 23, 2013


Here is Kit taking a breather after a whole lot of dashing about discovering all the new nooks and crannies in his new home..

Craig chose him when we went to the SPCA looking for a new cat and what a character he is. After five months or so waiting for a new home he has landed up here. Funnily enough, it was a bit of a mission deciding on a suitable name. Of course, I put my fourpence worth in and suggested Zeus, but after trying in vain to get him to respond we tried another name... guess he just didn't like that one.  Anyway, a day or two later Craig suggested Boots... hmm... same reaction - or lack or it. But now we are all pleased with his new name and he bounds along whenever Craig calls him. I guess you could say Kit is a discerning cat who simply knows what he likes.... and he sure likes it here.

On another note, there is the subject of the garden and what is happening to our up and coming yield this season. Tangelos above have dug their heels in and the three trees are doing well. Still a while before the sugar level is up to where it needs to be I guess.  The sweet navel orange is well covered in fruit and should be ready in a month or so. I came across some borer in the young tree a few months ago and whacked off the affected branch before wrapping it up in plastic... seems to have done the trick.

I am pleased with the Ballarat cooking apple espalier and soon enough the fluffy cooked pulp will find its way into many a pie. I think I might just make some apple jelly as well... easy enough to do and rather nice on a hot scone.

The passionfruit did well last year and produced a pretty good crop despite my concern that the flowers may not have been pollinated. Guess I jumped the gun here, but stopped just short of running around with a little paint brush busily going from flower to flower like a confused bee. Meanwhile, we hauled some of the vine up over this arch as the rotting fence was letting it down somewhat. Hmm... another thing on the evergrowing list of things to do.

Our first cauliflower is just about ready for the pot... but what are those little specks on the curd?