Saturday, November 17, 2012


What busy bees they are zooming from plant to plant pollinating everything in sight. But is that the problem when some are overlooked and fruit does not set, or do they just get distracted?

Too much pussyfooting by the look of it.

Our passion fruit is covered in flowers and only four fruit have set so far. It will be necessary to hand pollinate this season.

Most of the flowers on the Burbank dropped to the ground leaving just eight despite a well covered Santa Rosa close by with one plum only and a couple of apples only on Spendour which is probably to be expected in the first year. Same for the newly planted Black Amber plum with one plum only.

The sweet navel orange has reached production and the bees swarmed over it, but didn't bother too much with the passion fruit near by. Spoilt for choice? Too fussy? Or is it all down to the falling bee population

Hanging around picking and choosing seems to be the way for some who like to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee... but we could do with a bit more punch from these guys.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Compost heap building up again and as soon as I turn my back the sparrows make the most of our leftovers and they know when to swoop down for some tasty morsels from our plates. Today's roast chicken seems to be going down well.

Well, the sweet peas and roses doing their bit in the garden seem to have taken over from all those tomatoes last season although Queen Elizabeth looks a bit forlorn. Maybe it's the blackspot dragging her down.