Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well, the first day of summer in a couple of weeks and it's great to spruce the garden up again. Stocking up on seedlings from Bunnings has given us a head start and I am rapidly running out of room. Although, like most keen gardeners, we always seem to find a spot somewhere.

Harrison happily wanders about behind me checking it all out. Perhaps he is picking up on a whiff of cat mint growing in a tub behind him.

I am pleased to see two flowers on the Peace Lily. Other years it has only thrown up leaves so maybe it's the position that suits.

Well, it has been a busy time, but now it's done, I can get on to other things. I have had so many problems with the computer being too slow that I finally changed to Vodafone and now have 8GB maximum speed home phone line and Internet for just $80.00 monthly. I can download movies and fly around from one website to another in a flash. The service is fantastic and they kept me well informed all the way through the transition.

Absolutely marvellous.......!