Saturday, June 26, 2010

A sad week.

Our household has not been the same over the past week. Sadly, Corban was put to sleep on Monday, leaving an emptiness and sadness in our home.

Our lovely boy had a grand mal seizure three days earlier, followed by another, two days later. His ready smile had faded over the last few weeks and it was apparent there were several age-related problems. Prolonging them was not a consideration. He was unlikely to get through the winter. One main concern was the possibility of another seizure as he made his way downstairs.

Craig and I weighed up all the possibilities before making the appointment, knowing it would be his last.

He had always loved dropping in to see the vet, often trotting off down the corridor uninvited, probably not always welcome, but Corban had a way about him. On this occasion, he had a broad smile on his lovely face as he lapped up the attention. He was in his element.

We shared his journey together and told him again and again how much we loved him. With these words in his ears, our little brown dog slipped peacefully away and we knew our agonised decision was the right one.