Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just the tail end I guess..........................

 I have finally got around to making the green tomato chutney, using up the last of the tomatoes before pulling the plants out to make room for cabbages, cauliflower and beetroot.

This year's yield was disappointing. From the thirty or so healthy plants, we had little more than  sandwiches, salads and a few topped grilled cheese buns. Any ideas about making tomato pasta sauces, spaghetti and so on went right out the window. But — we can't complain. For a start, the scarlet runners are still doing well — months on and with eight large bags of them stored away in the freezer, I guess our iron levels will be well up after getting through that lot.

Next week I'm heading off back to Bunnings to buy blackberry, boysenberry and blueberrry plants. We should be harvesting the fruit from these by the end of the year. In anticipation, I lashed out and bought an upright freezer to accommodate copious amounts of fruit and vegetables. Well, what a surprise when Craig noticed the motor was clicking on and off, all too readily. On inspection, he found a pool of water in the base from the thawed out produce.  A quick call to Fisher and Paykel;  a serviceman will be here first thing in the morning. I touched on the subject of spoiled food and it's under consideration. Seems some people get carried away and try to claim for enough food to sink a ship: most of it being crayfish, shrimps, prawns and other delicacies. I can understand F & P pausing for thought. Our small claim for a couple of roasts and a bit of tenderised steak shouldn't make too much of a hole in the budget — I dare say insurance covers it, but after all their claims due to the disasters and suchlike — they're probably feeling the pinch as well.


 you thought you'd had a few things go wrong...........!'

'See what I mean. From this .............

to this, in a week or so — and — I've got my eye on you.....................!'

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too close for comfort.........

An encounter with two cats left Tweety-bird without his tail.

And that's not the only sore point. You see, they managed to relieve him of one of his wing feathers as well.

Craig heard Tweety screeching more than usual and dashed outside to where his cage was suspended from the pergola, only to find it empty, with the door open and two cats lurking nearby. He called out to see if I had him upstairs with me, as is often the case when I'm at the computer. But, not so on this occasion; however, we soon found him crouching behind a tub at the front door.

He was traumatised, so after holding him in my hands to keep him warm, we brought the cage inside, then put him back and kept him covered overnight. There wasn't a peep out of him until lunchtime the following day, but soon enough he rallied around, back to his old self and chattering away, but his repertoire has fallen short. He was also a bit muddled in some of the things he was saying. 'Baby's Tweet' or 'Hello, dear wee.'  However, today he managed, 'My name is Tweety-bird and I'm a dear wee boy.'  So, things are starting to get back to normal. He used to say 'I love you so much.'  But, I imagine the shock has blanked out some of his memory, for now.

The amazing thing about all this, is that the cats managed to push the cage door up, despite being pegged down. I guess they must have fished him out before he fluttered down to the ground due to his clipped wings. Now, all three cage openings are securely fastened with plastic ties and the outdoor chair close to where he was suspended has been moved well away.

It was a nasty shock, but as they say, all is well that ends well. Well, it will be —— when a new tail appears........................